Changing Diabetes In Children Programme

Chittagong Diabetic General Hospital,Chittagong

A joint Initiative of BADAS, World Diabetes
Foundation & novonordisk

For Age bellow 18 years, poor and Helpless Type -1 Diabetic Child In Our Country

Programme Procedure and Follow-up details here:


  • Individual Education
  • New patient & Old patient


Education Materials

  • Video Shows
  • Posters
  • Insulin use training will be there.
  • Use Glucometer and properly record it in the HMBG Book.


Patient Follow Up

  • Distributed Insulin & syringe according to patients need
  • Distributed transport cost (For poor CDIC Patient)
  • Assist Irregular patients to visit the center regularly by Phone.
  • Free Services For CDIC Patient & Other Activities.
  • Lab investigation Support :- Such as blood sugar , HbA1c, Urine For Micro albumin CBC, Urine- sugar/ Acetone, Albumin, Lipid profile, X-ray, USG, SGPT,Serum Creatinine,TSH,etc.
  • CDIC Patient Hospitalization with bed mange.
  • Indoor management with doctor consultancy
  • Consultancy Support: Medicine, Eye,Skin, Gynecology, Orthopedic, Dental, Heart, Kidney, Endocrine, Foot-care, Surgery, pediatric department, etc.
  • Attend special training programme
  • Attend any special programme for CDIC
  • Other tasks performed as per the CDIC’s need.



Registered CDIC Patient in Chittagong branch=122 in number

Referred from CDIC Dhaka here follow up continue 06 in   number from March2011 to February 2013.
Now Total CDIC Patient here 128 in Number.
Drop out – 4 in number .
Death – 01 in number.
Married – 06 in number


CDIC Programme Photos